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Diamond Country Club Resort belongs to the most beautiful resorts our western neighbours have… more >

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The Golf Club Schönfeld, located in Austria, is only 45 km far from Bratislava. It is a spacious flat golf course designed… more > túra 2

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Perhaps, there is no need to introduce the first championship 18-hole golf course in Slovakia. The Tále golf… more > túra 3

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GC Brno – Kaskáda – pleasant golf areal is situated only 9 km away from Brno in a charming valley… more > túra 4

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Penati Golf Resort is a singular project in Slovakia, soon to be added to the map of the top golf resorts in… more > túra 4

UniCredit Golf Tour 2012

Neither UNICREDIT GOLF TOUR 2012 will be missing in the event calendar for this year´s golf season. After previous successful years, this tour finds its stable place in the list of tournaments for invited players, hosted by the main organizator of the tour - UniCredit Bank. This year, UNICREDIT GOLF TOUR 2012 players may challenge their skills on the golf courses, that haven´t been on the previous years´ list yet. UNICREDIT GOLF TOUR 2012 is going to take place on the Austrian course - Diamond Country Club Resort, Czech GC Kaskáda and last but not least on the first Slovakian 18-hole golf course, Gray Bear Tále. Only GC Schonfeld, known from the previous years, stays on the list of this year´s destinations. UNICREDIT GOLF TOUR 2012 brings their attendants not only new golf challenges, but also its familiar values, including fantastic atmosphere and great sporting conditions, that have always been part of the UNICREDIT GOLF TOUR.